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Water Pressure Washing Nozzle Sprayer

Water Pressure Washing Nozzle Sprayer

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Product Name: Water Pressure Washing Nozzle Sprayer

Package Contains: 1 Washing Nozzle Sprayer, Material: Others, Color: Black Weight: 300 

About this item

  • ?WARNING:(PRODUCT WITHOUT HOSE PIPE) The Water Spray Gun is only SUITABLE for 1 / 2 INCH WATER PIPE.---The brass textures make it easy to connect to the hose(1/2 inch)and easily twist the barrel to turn it on and off or to control the water flow and patterns.
  • ?ATTENTION:It is a flow controller to make your water flow as large as possible, but it is NOT A PRESSURE BOOSTER.NOT A PRESSURE BOOSTER.NOT A PRESSURE BOOSTER.(Insufficient water pressure requires self-provided WATER PUMP)
  • ?FLOW CONTROL KNOB: By rotating the water adjustment knob, you can adjust the spray flow.
  • ?STURDY AND DURABLE?You can put it on the concrete at any time. It may wear out, but it will still work well.

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