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MOSQUITO KILLER USB LAMP with non toxic sound

Physical mosquito killer, 360-degree light-emitting special lamps to induce insects such as mosquitoes, flies,High voltage will kill these insects, non-toxic and harmless to the humans.


  •  Efficient technology - The mosquito killer lamp is designed with the newest insect repelling technology that emits purple light 360 degrees and lures mosquitoes into the fly trap. This light bug trap can cover a wider range and gets more effective in attracting bugs, gnats, flies, or any insects.
  • Work in Silence - Luring flying insects with special violet light and then capturing them on the special glue boards, killing them softly and no more annoying popping noise.
USB Powered LED Mosquito Killer Lamp – NavyPanda 
  • Ideal For All Indoor Environments - Effectively fly light trap, ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, schools and other living and working areas.Not for outdoor use.

  • Modern design and high-quality material - The elegant black color of this mosquito trap makes visual effects and decorates your house greatly . Moreover, the fruit fly killer is manufactured in high-quality abs plastic material. 
  • Safe for humans and pets- The gnat trap uses a bug light bulb with light-emitting to lure the insects and suction fan movement to get a higher effect. The fruit fly trap indoor does not use any chemicals or poisons so it is truly harmless to you and your pets.
  • Easy to use and clean up - The fruit fly killer is easy to turn on. The simple way to start the fly trap is to plug it into the usb port that connects the power source. Covering a large area, the indoor insect killer is a great solution for indoor spaces such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, garden, and so on.
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  • Zapping Mosquitoes and Flies Efficiently :- Many harmful insects have phototaxis. Then this fly light trap uses ultraviolet light to attract harmful insects and kills the insects by glue board and won't be able to get away.High effective zapping mosquito effect frees you from mosquitoes and flies.
  • Large Area Coverage :- Designed to work in all 4 directions, 360° directions attracts bugs fly to it. This fly trap can effectively increase area of zapping mosquitoes (300 sq. ft.). Ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, stores, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, schools and other living and working areas.Not for outdoor use.
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  • Indoor Insect Control :- For use in insects invade, such as: living room, kitchen, basement, enclosed garage, enclosed patios, restaurant, store, etc. Not for outdoor use.
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