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Arithmetic Learning Magnetic Book

Arithmetic Learning Magnetic Book

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Math Manipulatives for Elementary School: Our set of easy-grip magnetic pieces representing both circle and bar fractions and activity cards prompt children to build a variety of fractions from magnetic halves to twelfths. Students simply combine fraction pieces to cover the shaded area of circles on the cards.Details
  • Learning Fractions Made Easy: Our Magnetic Math Manipulatives are the perfect tools for teaching your kids fractions at home. They are bright, attractive, and easy to store. They also reinforce learning fractions by showing them in a concrete and hands-on manner.
  • Non-Toxic Material: All place value counting blocks are made of non-toxic, flexible enough to not hurt kids’ tiny hands, water washable, and fadeless. The back side adopts soft magnetic rubber, easily attached to any iron objects like a refrigerator.
  • Build Math Skills: Our set is filled with engaging activities to help students master simple fractions! The fun, hands-on, and interactive approach allows parents to teach with multiple modalities!
  • Good Gift: These magnetic math manipulatives are a fantastic way to help children learn and practice various math skills in a fun and interactive way. They are ideal for school or home study, and they are suitable for teachers, parents, and educators.
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  • Simple Educational Demonstration: With these magnetic math manipulatives, you can easily show your students or children different math concepts on any whiteboard or magnetic blackboard.
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