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12V 300 PSI Heavy Duty Portable Mini Air Compressor

12V 300 PSI Heavy Duty Portable Mini Air Compressor

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Portable Mini Air Compressor

Portable Mini Air Compressor With Electric Motor. Features: A Mini Air Compressor is a Small Version of a Portable Air Compressor. They Have a Small Electric Motor That Compresses the Air in a Small Attached Cylinder Tank. This Type of Ultra Portable Compressor Can Be Plugged into a 12V Car System for On-the-go Repairs or Inflation. Sporting Enthusiasts, Drivers, Campers, and Bike Riders Can Find an Almost Unlimited Amount of Use for a Mini Air Compressor.

They Can Inflate Bike Tires, Inflatable Boats, or Even Car Tires if You Have a Flat While Driving.   Because They Can Be Powered Through a Cigarette Lighter in Your Vehicle, They Are Incredibly Versatile and a Lifesaver in Some Instances. Descriptions: 300 Psi Mini Air Compressor is Perfect when Unexpected Roadside Emergency Happens. It is Ideal for Inflating Car and Bicycle Tires Sports Balls and Other Inflating Jobs. Our Item is Very Easy to Use. Just Plug into Your Car Cigarette Lighter for Power and Slip the Universal Adapter over Any Tire Valve and You Are Ready to Inflate 

  • It serves both the purpose of seating and sleeping as it can be converted from sofa to a double bed high quality compact wheel shaped 12 volt tire compressor. Maximum operating pressure up to a full 260 psi – the high power instant inflator
  • Easy to use – just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power, slip universal adapter over tire valve and you are ready to inflate

  • 260psi, inflates ordinary car tire about 5 minutes greater than 30psi.
  • It can be powered through a cigarette lighter in your vehicle, so it is incredibly versatile and a lifesaver in some instances.
  • Mini type, compact design will fit under seat or in boot minimum space needed, it is very convenient to use when you at home or in travel

Fast Air Inflation/Compressor for Automobile, Tyres, Sporting, Goods

  • 12V Electric Air Compressor Pump Car Tyre Inflator
  • Portable Car Air Compressor
  • Excellent Quality Small Yet Performs Wonderful!
  • 12V Car Electric Air Compressor Tyre Pump - Tire Inflator also for Bikes, Cycles, Boats, Inflatable Toys
  • Simply use this for fast & easy inflation of car tires
  • No strength is required for pumping the air as it is.
  • All electronic & is powered directly from your car battery Perfect for
  • Anyone who wants ease while inflating a tire
  • Time-saving as compared to the mechanical pump 
  • Quick operation, Very Compact and easy to store in car dicky

For auto tires, For bike tires, For rubber rafts, For balls, Inflates car tires, bicycle tires, rafts and sports equipment such as Basketball, Soccer fast and easily. Also inflates boats, pools, air beds, balloons, etc.


For power just plug into your car, slip a universal adapter over tire valve and you are ready to inflate
Never be caught out, no need to be stranded if you have a puncture,
Just place the nozzle over the tire valve and see the tire inflate in seconds
It features a plastic construction body for lightweight and easy portability

Portable and Small size
Includes Multipurpose Adaptors
Pressure gauge that reads in lb/in and kg/cm bar

FAQs - 

Q:I can use it 12 volt battery?

Q:what is bay length

Q:This pump is use in tractor

Q:Motor copper winding or any other material
A:Yes copper winding

Q:Is this useful for cycle air pressure

Q:Used bolero slx

Q:is it electrically operated?
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