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Multipurpose Handheld Paint Spray Gun

Multipurpose Handheld Paint Spray Gun

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  • THREE SPRAY PATTERNS: Assess the object you are spraying and adjust the nozzle accordingly! The copper air cap can be adjusted to spray round, horizontally or vertically, ensuring you can paint in a formation to suit your surface.
1pc Cordless Paint Sprayer For Makita 18V Battery, For Painting Walls Ceilings, Furniture Garden Fence With 33.81oz, Removable Container, Battery Not Included details 3
  • PROFESSIONAL FINISH: Offering a smooth finish, our paint sprayer will complete your job efficiently and with a professional appearance. Forget having to use rollers and brushes, simply load the plastic container and begin the job.
  • High-Quality Materials-Using copper nozzles can withstand pressure more than plastic nozzles, and is less prone to clogging. It can also make the spraying surface more concentrated and more uniform. The use of double-layer insulation materials allows you to avoid worrying about any safety issues during operation.
High Pressure Electric Cordless Paint Sprayer Airless Spray Gun For Makita 18V - Picture 8 of 27
Easy to clean and maintain spray gun adopts a detachable structure design, can be easily assembled without any tools, and is convenient to clean. Rotate 90° to remove the motor body, clean the nozzle and container in time to avoid paint curing, and come with a clogging needle to unclog residual hardened paint in the machine, to ensure the next normal use. 
High Pressure Electric Cordless Paint Sprayer Airless Spray Gun For Makita 18V - Picture 19 of 27

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