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Multifunctional Non-Stick Micro Pressure Cooker

Multifunctional Non-Stick Micro Pressure Cooker

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Fast and Efficient Cooking: Made of fine iron material, with fast and even heat conduction, combined with a micro-pressure design, this cookware allows food to be cooked faster and more delicious.

Non-stick interior coating: The cookware has a high-quality non-stick interior coating that ensures that food does not stick to the surface. This makes cooking and cleaning a breeze as food slides off easily and residue can be wiped off effortlessly.

Safe to use: The pot is equipped with a pressure relief valve and a lockable lid to prevent accidents. The raised edge of the pot prevents liquid from overflowing. The transparent lid makes the cooking status visible at a glance.

Micro-pressure technology: Micro-pressure technology ensures precise pressure inside the cooker for perfectly cooked dishes. It tenderizes tough meat, cooks grains to perfection, and preserves the natural colors and textures of vegetables.

8L Non-Stick Enamel Micro Pressure Cooker

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