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LED Display Customizable Cap

LED Display Customizable Cap

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Why Glow Cap?

🎉 With our LED Display Customizable Cap you can make a statement that everyone will notice! You can type a text and fully customize it to fit any Baseball game, Election, Prom, Music festival, Birthday parties, Trucks, Christmas, Bars, Clubs, Lighting parties, Carnivals, New Year Festivals, Coffee shops, Shopping malls and so on.

Hmm... Sounds interesting, right?

⭐ Whether you want to make a statement while walking down the street or be the soul of the party, attract attention with our great conversation starter - LED Display Customizable Cap

✅ Perfect to catch more attention!

✅ Perfect for advertising!

✅ Perfect for parties & live concerts!

✅ Perfect for family holidays & gatherings!

✅ Perfect for every sports event!

✅ Perfect gift for youngsters & adults!

... and many many more!

Customizable: This LED hat is good for creating a romantic atmosphere or entertainment on many occasions. You can customize the image displayed on the brand surface through the app.

1pc battery rechargeable led sports hat smart app programmable message scrolling led display hat unisex fashion light up led hat 3

Never again spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to support your favorite team/artist/band! LED Display Customizable Cap is priced like any regular cap making it the most affordable attention-catching merch you would ever need! (and you will catch way more attention than everyone else but let's keep it a secret 🤫)

Customizable LED Display Hat -

How does it work?

Glad you've asked! The magical way our amazing LED Display Cap operates is using Bluetooth and a custom Smartphone App for reliable 100% control over your Cap!

✔ Simply turn on your cap, download the app & connect it via Bluetooth, and voala!


  • Colour: Black


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