Electric Pump & Vacuum Bags For Space Saving

Electric Pump & Vacuum Bags For Space Saving

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 Maximize your space and keep your house Organized. Hanging space-saving bags are perfect for storing large, bulky, clothes in closet. Our durable, space-saving vacuum-sealed storage bags are made of multiple layers of material to protect your clothes from water and odors.

Main Features

  • TRAVEL VACUUM COMPRESSOR – double your luggage or storage space by using the  portable compressor which will suck all excess air out of the vacuum bag in just one minute! Suitable for both home and travel use, this luggage compressor is an essential piece of kit for everyone to have on hand.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL VACUUM AND AIR PUMP – this versatile travel compressor is multifunctional as it vacuums out excess air from bags when storing or packing clothes, towels or bedding and it also works as an air pumping device to blow up footballs, swimming inflatables and balloons – super useful for all occasions!


  • PORTABLE ELECTRIC PUMP – the  travel compressor is powered by a wall charger with a power input of 5V/2A or you can even plug it into your portable charger if you’re using it on the go. At only 60Db when in use, this luggage compressor is super silent and works four times faster than other portable compressors on the market

Mini Automatic Compression Vacuum Pump - Not sold in stores

  • MINI COMPACT AND HANDY - Mini size for using indoor or outdoor. Save you time and effort, Perfect gadget for home and traveling.


  • Travel Storage :- This vacuum bag gives you the freedom to travel how you want to travel.

The AIRDOT hand-held vacuum pump lets you pack 70% more clothes in the same  travel case! - Yanko Design

  • Save yourself time - With this bag you don’t have to spend hours deciding on which combination of items you can take with you, or how to fit them in your luggage.

The AIRDOT hand-held vacuum pump lets you pack 70% more clothes in the same  travel case! - Yanko Design

  • Save yourself the hassle - travelling as a family can be complicated, packing with this bag makes everything easy and simple. Not only can you fit in everything your family needs, but you can also keep dirty clothes separate, without taking up additional space.


 How to Use?

  • Step 1: -Automatic vacuum seal bag quickly. Press white button of electronic pump, Wait for few seconds to vacuum out the air automatically, then bag sealed tightly.

ModernistGears - Mini Automatic Compression Vacuum Sealer - Modernist Gears

   Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Does it reduces size?

A: Yes, it reduces size

2. Is this dual voltage?

A: Electric pump operates in 110volt or 220volt input current

3. How many times can it be used?

A: you can use them as many times as you want. they're pretty sturdy

4. What is the Return Policy?

A: We accept hassle free 7 days return policy. You can WhatsApp us on the  button on your right bottom of the screen.

5. What is the Shipping Time?

A: It is within 2 to 5 days. Order processing time is 24-48 hours.

6. Is Cash on Delivery Available?

A: Yes,  Cash on Delivery is always available.

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